Tuesday, August 25, 2009

House Tour, Finally

We've been here just days over 3 months now, but I'm finally getting the house tour up! I had good intentions, some of these pictures were taken the first of June. I tried again by adding a few more pictures the first of July, again July 31st and Aug 12th, and finally took the last ones today. Needless to say, there's some range in these pics...

House front. So nice to have an attached garage so you don't have to go out in
the elements to get to your car! Right? Except the idiot who designed the place
put tiny single doors on instead of a double and the van wouldn't fit in even if
there was room. No room inside is the hazard of losing a basement for storage.

looking up our walkway

the view from the front door

And just to illustrate, since the first of June, this how much
the tree has grown since then. Time to prune I think!

My mess of a kitchen (where some of my least favorite aspects of this house are)
eat-in kitchen/dining room (love all the light from the
sliding glass doors, not a fan of the curtains already there)

living room from the dining room

to the left is the front door, strait is the hallway, right is kitchen

down the hallway is Emmett's room/playroom (it's SO
nice to have the mess of toys out of the living room!)

Avery and Carson's room. Avery graduated up to his Dad's old
childhood bed and Carson graduated up to Avery's old bed from the crib.
That's right, Emmett actually has a crib now instead of the pack-n-play!

I love having the laundry out of the basement. I can actually hear when it's done!
The door goes to the garage. Travis' pile on my dryer has been
there since moving in, and it's STILL there. I'm getting ready to
unceremoniously dump them in the garage... right in his way.

One of my favorite aspects of the house - our closet!
No picture of our room, but it's probably double the
space of any of our previous small bedrooms - yea!

Out the backdoor. I had this post all ready and suddenly realized I was missing the backyard,
which I have to share since it's a little strange. It looks promising just looking out the door...

...but then you see the rest and realize there's no grass! The large deck is great,
and really it's perfect for the boys with the bark, rocks and lots of flat surface to
drive cars on, but still... Also, those two trees at the end of the deck cut off about
a third of the yard and make the place feel smaller than it is. One bonus is that
it takes 3 minutes max to mow all our grass with just the little patch in front.

And, because it seems appropriate for this post, I had to share the lengths we go for our technology. Turns out the only plug in the house that accesses the cable for internet is in the living room. With the computer at the opposite corner of the house in our room, a line had to be run. We wanted to run an ethernet cable to the entertainment center anyway, so Travis had the pleasure of enjoying the crawl space under the house. At least it wasn't the worst one he'd ever been in, but he took a spiderweb eliminator (see the stick) anyway.

And that's our house. With only 8 months left on
the lease I'm feeling very belated in giving the tour!


Jodee Luke said...

Laurie! How fun! It looks great...hum...maybe we should move there;)

Melinda said...

CUTE house!! I'm in love with your closet, and your same-level laundry room. (What I wouldn't give...) Also, I wish I could figure out why your blog updates show up for me only sporadically. Really, I just had to read back through like 6 posts to realize what you'd been up to. Maybe I'll just have to check in more often, even if blogger doesn't tell me you've written. Glad you've enjoyed your summer!!

Carolyn Hanson said...

Looks great, Laurie! I love the landscaping too.

RaQuelle Willey said...

THat last pic is my favorite, he he.
Your place looks great I bet your loving it. That front yard is impressive.

T & E's Blog said...

What a beautiful home!!! Love the curb appeal!!!

Kate said...

Looks perfect! You guys seem very settled, but we really miss you!! Glad you've found a great spot for your family.

Amy and the boys said...

I love seeing how different it looks in that area compared to Milwaukee and where we are all settling now. It's such a cute home. I can only imagine how much the boys love that backyard!