Monday, August 24, 2009

Jeeps and Climbing

This is the boys' Jeep walker. When we moved here we couldn't find the bolts that attach the legs. By the time we found them Emmett was way beyond needing the walker. But he LOVES 'going for a drive' anyway


And here's some of Emmett's latest climbing escapades.

He can get up and down.

He's been climbing onto Carson's bed for a long time now, but here he just finished climbing straight up over the railing.

And as of today he can now climb onto the high chair with the tray on! Seriously? *sigh*

Jeeps and lots of climbing. Hmm. Sounds like this kid is preparing for a future of playing on rocks!


Mandie said...

Too funny! I am kind of glad I haven't had a climber, yet anyway.

Mom said...

No bungee jumping yet. Better not live in a two story house. He'll be climbing up the down spouts and swinging from sheets out the window.