Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Great Oregon Steam-Up

There's a place here called Antique Powerland which is sort of a museum for steam powered equipment, antique farm machinery and so forth. This was our first year going to their Great Steam-Up which is basically like a big fair there with tons of the antiques running. They also gave demonstrations in their steam powered saw mill which was pretty interesting.

There's a high demand for Papa

A mini hay baler

A very LOUD, very old car that kept running around deafening us repeatedly

John Deere tractors, of course!

This black machine that's hard to see was blowing smoke rings

A very cool old bubble machine

Antique Powerland also has a mini railroad with tons of cars that they give rides on.
Papa & Emmett, Angela & Alli, Travis & Carson. Avery was sitting with me in front.

Cute little train signals

They even have a train turntable

Just before leaving we spotted this old B.F. Avery tractor.
That's supposed to be a smile.

One last half-hearted attempt... "but Mom, the sun's in my eyes!"

but a fun time was had by all!

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Mom said...

Was Thomas the Train there?