Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Lost Tooth

Today was a very full, weird and crazy day, but I'll keep the story to Avery's big excitement:
His first lost tooth!

He's been miserable the last few days because his two bottom central incisors have been lose for a few months, but all of a sudden the top left central got really loose too and it's been killing him to eat. So tonight Daddy offered to yank it and Avery readily agreed.

Not the best looking shot of the poor kid, but I think it does the best
job of getting across how grey that top tooth is. Time to come out!

Tied on and braced!

And... it's out!

First toothless grin!

Whoa ho ho! There's a hole in my mouth!

Checking out the new look

Back to check out the tooth

This was my special homemade pillow to keep my lost teeth safe until the Tooth Fairy could
come, so I got it out for Avery and his excitement about the whole matter knew no bounds!

Congratulations Avery on your first lost tooth!


Melinda said...

Congrats! Sounds like the other two will be short in following, huh?

Cute pillow, btw!

Mom said...

Hey Avery!!!! Way to go! Way cool!

What did Carson think of all of this?

Does Avery sound different when he talks?

Do you remember that the pillow was from your Aunt Darla?

Mandie said...

Too cute! Loved the pics. Congrats Avery.

Angela said...

Way to go Avery! Ethan lost his first almost a month ago. Lower Rt "P" I did the same thing with the floss that Travis did. Ethan the weird kid that he is was upset when all there was in his envelope the next day was money. He wanted to keep his tooth!

Gramma H said...

Following in his father's footsteps as usual. Pretty awesome Avery!!!! So did you like the tooth fairy leaving you some money? I know how much you like the money. We'll see how long it takes before the next one goes. Luv-a, luv-a you!

Christensen Family said...

How exciting! Big milestone Avery!