Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sick With Bad Timing

Okay, being sick is never with good timing, but this was pretty miserable. At least it wasn't on top of a trip or something.

Saturday evening I began to feel sick and had to leave cleaning up dinner to start a miserable night. I finally got to sleep around 6am. I lost 8 pounds. While Travis was with the boys at church Sunday morning, I thought I'd go get the laptop to use while laying in bed. Bad idea. My arms and legs were numb and tingly and when I stood up and walked I was dizzy and my eyesight went to pot. It was like everything was swimming. I made it back to bed with the computer, commented on Facebook about my not enjoying losing 8 pounds overnight, then barely managed (my fingers didn't want to work) to look up "numbness dehydration" to see if everything going on was just from dehydration. Apparently I was severely dehydrated. Gee, no wonder. So I passed out again. All day Sunday I couldn't really get up from bed.

Okay, so that part wasn't horrible timing, at least it was Sat-Sun so Travis could be home with the boys.

Monday I should have been continuing to recover, but instead I had to pack up the boys and go to the photo lab because their online uploader wasn't working. I was in poor shape and couldn't have done it without calling Travis' Mom to help. Then I had a complete idiot try to work with me at the lab. Not only was he an idiot, he was belligerent and rude. Someone else came to ask what he could do for me and Idiot kept talking defensively over me until Nice Guy finally told Idiot to back off. Seriously? I was in bad enough shape that my frustration with Idiot reduced me to tears, to my shame. Thankfully, Nice Guy knew what he was doing, and gave me fabulous results and turnaround.

I had to go Monday for the prints because we needed them for putting up in the new Hunsaker Dental office we were opening in Aumsville on Wednesday. Later on Monday I had to go back for the prints, and pick up frames. Tuesday I had to pick up the custom mats and assemble everything to be ready to put up Tuesday evening for the Wednesday opening. By the time I got to Tuesday evening, I obviously hadn't been given much recovery time, and was told unceremoniously that I looked like crap. I looked in the mirror and was shocked. When I get past the actual being sick part, I start looking better right away, despite still feeling the after effects. Not this time, I suppose because of no recovery. I looked awful. I was still pale and my eyes were rather red and dead.

So, it was a miserable weekend and then some. Normally I don't think I write about miserable things, and I don't know why I would want to remember this, but I guess I do.

But it was exciting to open the Aumsville office! Today was the big opening! Sometime I will have to catch up and do a post on the new office.

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