Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fourth Of July

We had a great 4th of July!
We started with the Parade in Stayton
4th of July

DeAnna got this picture I edited of my Mom and me before we got going
Laurie,Marcella,4th of July

Once we started moving, I noticed Carson was holding on to his hat and I just knew he wouldn't let go until I assured him it wouldn't blow away at the walking pace we were driving!
Carson,4th of July

The official start of the parade
Ben,4th of July

Emmett and Carson were both waving, but when Emmett stopped Carson took it upon himself to show him how
Carson,Emmett,4th of July

Avery really liked tossing the Frisbees, which we had in lots of colors, but we are going to have to work on Avery's aim.
Kevin,Avery,4th of July

It worked a little better when he just helped pass them to Daddy
Avery,Travis,4th of July

My Mom and Dad both watched last year but this year Dad wanted to ride while Mom was adamant that she wanted to watch the parade. When the trailer started getting crowded Dad decided to stay and watch with Mom.
Gary,Marcella,4th of July

Carson enjoying some of the Candy afterward
Carson,4th of July

After the parade the cousins spent a while running around and throwing the Frisbees. Actually, this one looks like he's jumping to catch it.
Avery,Carson,4th of July

Uh oh, the boys are talking...
Alli,Damon,Avery,Carson,4th of July

...and now Alli's upset, although I don't know what was said it doesn't seem to have made a difference with Avery. The whole time the only thing he seemed to care about was throwing his Frisbee.
Alli,Carson,Damon,Avery,4th of July

Emmett had way too much fun getting to run around free!
Emmett,4th of July

Emmett,4th of July

Ah, a Carson Grandpa moment.
Gary,Carson,4th of July

Carson has several pairs of sandals to choose from. These have been falling apart for a while but they're the ones we found first when it was time to leave and they're red and blue so I figured it would be fine. Nope. They finally died.
Carson,4th of July

One little strand was holding on so he walked around flopping it until it finally came off
Carson,4th of July

Then he sat down and tried to push it back on!
Carson,4th of July

After running home to get Carson some different sandals and to grab the dessert I made (flag cake but I didn't get pictures) we went to my in-laws' for bbq and fireworks!
4th of July

Thankfully Emmett stays away from the fire pit and understands he doesn't want anything to do with "hot," but I still feel like I have to watch him!
Emmett,4th of July

Before dinner was ready, Carson and Emmett decided to have some watermelon, or maybe they just wanted forks to bang on the table.
Emmett,Carson,4th of July

The was so cute, Emmett took it upon himself to grab this chair and he plopped it right in front of Grandpa's.
Gary,Emmett,4th of July

Alli got upset about Damon whispering to Avery earlier, so it was good to see them all playing so nicely at the bbq. Alli is singing her lungs out.
Avery,Carson,Alli,Damon,4th of July

This was funny them trying to get up this hill
Damon,Alli,Carson,Avery,4th of July

Now Avery tries pulling, whoops it's slippery!
Avery,Carson,Alli,Damon,4th of July

In the midst of trying to get up the hill, Alli takes off to the other side of the hill trying to get them to play some new game where she's (I think) a sleeping princess?
Alli,4th of July

Here's a video of how all that goes down, and there are just so many little things in this that make me crack up.

4th of July 2010 Cousins At Play from Laurie H on Vimeo.
Ew, those are some gross fingers going in his mouth.
Emmett,4th of July

I guess the dads couldn't wait for dark because suddenly the kids were handed sparklers to play with.
Avery,Damon,4th of July

And the dads started throwing something in the fire pit. I think Katrina and Julie really appreciated that...
Katrina,Julie,4th of July

Emmett and Olivia were having a nice little moment here... then Emmett slammed his drink and he was ready to move on.
Emmett,Olivia,4th of July

Time to move out front for fireworks fun!

I love how excited Joel was with these!
Damon,Josh,Avery,Joel,4th of July

4th of July

Avery with a roman candle
Avery,Travis,4th of July

Travis' looks like it was spinning
Travis,4th of July

I don't know what happened, but I thought it was cool how much this flared red.
Damon,Joel,Josh,4th of July

Boom! This cannon is a staple at every Fourth and New Year's.
4th of July

Carson does not like the booms and bangs. Even in his sleep he flinches.
Marcella,Carson,4th of July

Sparkler fun
Avery,4th of July

I love this picture!
Avery,4th of July

Um, this was a bit of insanity. These should have been exploding in the sky, not in the wagon. I got this picture at the start, but it got a lot worse.
4th of July

Here's a picture DeAnna got further into the insanity!
4th of July

And why did that happen? Because the boys abused the launchers! Bad boys.
Kevin,4th of July

Grand finale! Wish I had my tripod for some longer exposures.
4th of July

4th of July

4th of July

Happy Fourth of July!


Aaron and Kristel said...

I love this post and I love all the pictures especially the one with you and your mama... beautiful girls! What a fun filled 4th of July! :)

RaQuelle Willey said...

wow what a fun full day! Love that pic of you and your mom.