Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shotgun Creek

For the 4th of July weekend we planned on going to the dunes on Friday. So on Thursday the guys started getting stuff ready to go. I wasn't there for the load up but DeAnna got some pictures of Avery trying to help:

Hm, it's a little easier to roll...

Then, when the guys went to get tags for some of the new quads that didn't have any yet they found out that now there's a special license that has to be obtained to go on the major holidays (Memorial Day, the 4th and Labor Day). Apparently the licenses come out at the beginning of the year and are rapidly sold out. What a huge disappointment!

So they stopped loading up. Thursday evening, my father-in-law Ben calls and says he's done some looking around and found a different place for us to go. It's called Shotgun Creek and it's trails instead of dunes. Of course that meant that load-up happened Friday morning cutting off part of the day, but we were all just glad not to have the whole day canceled!

Here's all the vehicles lined up. I only got a handful of pictures so this is my only shot on here because my new little point and shoot got tossed on the first trail I rode and the lens opening got gummed up. Good thing I bought the accidental coverage. So after this one the rest of the pictures are DeAnna's.

Travis' parents took the Ranger on the Jeep trails and there were some pretty hairy spots! Angela took a 4 wheeler with them once and it was rough going with such huge, too-wide for the quad ruts. Avery was with them and I imagine he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Avery and Alli waiting for a ride in the Ranger.

Carson and Emmett ready to go. Carson is making a face like what the front of the helmet looks like to him.

Emmett fell asleep when my parents took the Ranger out for a drive.

It was mostly dry on the quad trails, but there were occasional pockets of mud puddles. When we were turning around on one of the roads to take another trail, Kevin got himself stuck in one puddle. Travis turned around next to him in the puddle and gunned it, spraying Kevin down. I'm glad that was the only incident or we would have been a lot dirtier and honestly I prefer good clean fun when it can be had!

I taught my parents to ride the one 4 wheeler without a clutch and at the end of the trip went on a ride with my Dad. We went for a while and then on the way back my Dad ran out of gas! Apparently it was the only one they didn't check and after we left Ben commented on how he didn't think there was much left in it. They all thought, "oh well, Laurie will just have to come back." So here I am, coming back.

It was a fun trip and a nice change from the dunes. Not to mention the place was practically empty while the dunes would have been a mad house!

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