Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting The Quad Ready

When Travis bought his Yamaha YFZ 450 quad he got a great deal on it because it didn't run. Great, another project. This one falls withing a year range that had an engine problem requiring modification. The guy who sold it to us had a buyer taking it for a test drive when the engine seized! Bummer for him, but good for us since we got it for less than half the price it was when it ran.

So, here it sits with the engine removed.

Why buy a clutch holder when Travis can just manufacture one?

The nut has to come off the gears but just turning it would turn the gears so you put a soft piece of aluminum in there and it stops them so the nut can be turned. Can you see what he's running through the gears?

It's a folded up piece of Diet Dr. Pepper can.

Almost all pulled apart.

Just need to beat this crank shaft out (he can beat on it because it's being replaced. It didn't end up getting beaten out this way. He got a bigger hammer. Later when he had to put the new one in it didn't want to go in. He had to look up some suggestions on how to do it. He had to throw the new crankshaft in the freezer for a while to make the metal contract!

All that happened back at the end of May. Then in preparation for the 4th of July weekend and a planned trip to the dunes he finished up the final touches with the carburetor and I don't know what all. Then he had his brother Kevin, the mechanic, over to help him listen and fine tune.
It wouldn't idle properly so Kevin had to keep giving it gas.

The next day Travis figured out the problem and got it running properly.
This was Travis in his ah ha/hallelujah moment. See? No hands! (It's idling like it's supposed to.)

Now we're all set for some fun!

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