Saturday, November 6, 2010

Avery In Soccer

Avery's school offers several different enrichment classes for the kids to take before or after school. Classes like gymnastics, choir, computer, art & lit, science and so on. Last year Avery took science for the year. This year we put him in soccer which only lasts for fall and then in the spring that time slot turns to t-ball.

Last Monday was Avery's last day of soccer so we came to watch and of course I brought the camera... and then discovered my card wasn't in it! ACK! So we ran home and got it and by the time we got back he was already playing and in my flustered, hurried state I didn't pay attention to my settings. *sigh* So my only soccer pictures of him aren't up to par as far as I'm concerned, but at least I have some, right?

For Avery's games, the coach pulls out the six biggest and most aggressive boys and they play three on three. The rest of the kids then play each other in two larger teams.

Get it Avery!

Go go go!

You can take 'em, Avery!


Take him!

This was funny because Avery was bringing the ball in, it was wide open, it was clearly his shot...

But the blond boy, Grant, needed to make sure it got in too, so it was sort of a joint effort in the scoring kick.

Later Grant scored another and he looked right at me in his celebration. *click* Way to cooperate with the camera, Grant!

My cute Carson watched the games with me while Emmett wandered the grounds.

Avery actually played two games on that last day. His team lost the first but they won the second and Avery scored two goals. Prior to the last day he had only gotten one goal in the whole season and had only been on the winning team once (apparently he didn't often get to be on the same team as "the really really good soccer player"), so what a way to end the season!

Everyone got a soccer medal at the end and Avery was so stoked! "It's my very first medal, Mom!!!"

Way to go Avery, I love that you had so much fun! I can't wait for t-ball season!

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Way to bring it home AVERY!!!!