Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chocolate Cheerios

So I'm putting laundry away today when Emmett comes to me with a chocolate cheerio in each hand and a worried look and says, "Mom, I nee' help." Great. But I calmly ask, "Did you make a mess?" ... "Yes." "Okay, let's go see."
We walk downstairs and I don't see anything, including the bag of chocolate cheerios that I remembered I unwisely left on the counter.
"Where are they, Emmett?"
"I don' know" Well, that's the standard answer no matter what.
"Are they upstairs? Show me."
We go upstairs in the playroom and I immediately notice the empty - completely empty, no crumbs left at all empty - bag on the floor and he plops down right next to it. But where's the mess? I'm dreading fine silt-like chocolate crumbs in my carpet but I don't see any!

As I move forward... oh. Well, at least he did it cleanly. I would much rather the small toy contents of that bucket spilled all over the floor than chocolate cheerio dust.

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