Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Avery is Six

Avery,birthdayI can't believe my first baby Avery is six!
I can't believe I have a Kindergartner!
I can't believe how giant this kid is!
I really do have a lot of problems with this lately. It's been driving me crazy noticing all the things he can reach and so forth. I suppose he's always towered over most of the kids his age, but apparently some threshold has been crossed where it's really noticeable and aggravating to me now. The running joke with him has been me using a voice that sounds like he's in deep trouble and then telling him he must stop growing. This always produces fits of laughter as soon as he realizes he's not actually in trouble. In fact, now he tries to nonchalantly (or not so non nonchalantly) extend his reach in front of me trying to elicit a reaction!

All he could talk about when he woke up today was how it was his turn to get the ice cream at Red Robin. No need to ask where he wanted to go for his birthday dinner!

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Mom said...

I love this shot of Avery. He looks so at peace and content with the world AND with ICE CREAM!!! It's a picture that justs makes you want to smile back at him.