Saturday, December 11, 2010

Emmett Strikes Again

After last week's Thursday and Friday events, last Monday Emmett struck again. While I was at an appointment, Grandma took the boys through the drive-thru at McDonalds but Emmett fell asleep in his carseat before he could eat his Happy Meal. Later, back at home, when he had his apple dippers, he played in the caramel sauce and got it all over his sleeves, so the shirt came off and I just didn't replace it since he ran off. With an empty Happy Meal box left on the counter and a half naked  two year old running around, we start the first of three Emmett tales on Monday, although I only have pictures for the first tale. And boy, do I have pictures. But it's my blog and I can do a big long photo-story of almost the same pictures if I want. :)

So I walk in the kitchen later and learn that the Happy Meal box wasn't empty. There was a BBQ sauce packet left. What follows is clearly the obvious thing to do with a leftover BBQ sauce packet.

Ummm, heeeey, Mom....

Mmm, finger-lickin' goodness


Oooh, there's some on my arm too!

Man, I wish I could reach that...

Mom! This stuff is great!

But, seriously Mom, "that's enough" pictures

Mmm, seriously, how do I reach that?

Ahhh, so good

Hey! I thought I told you to "Stop, Mom"

Oh, but so irresistible...

SOOO, it was bathtime.

Carson hopped in too and they played a while with Avery kneeling outside the tub to play since I wouldn't let him join in. He's way too big to fit in there with his brothers anymore. Then Carson and Emmett decided to get out. I was across the hall in the office and didn't hear the phone ring, but they did and went to get it, in all their dripping wet birthday-suit glory. I knew they were out and was going to follow them in a minute. Besides, what's water drips compared to caramel and BBQ sauce? Carson brought the phone to me, much to late of course, and I headed downstairs with him to put the phone away. Emmett was standing on a chair under the phone hook and before I even noticed he looked at me and exclaimed with great concern,

"Mom! I leaked!"

Oh. That's what's worse than water drips. Sure enough, a giant puddle was on the chair, the floor below and splattered all about. Yea. Thankfully it was on the hardwood and not the carpet. Apparently two minutes is two too long to let Emmett run around without a diaper. And thus ends story number two

Emmett story number three of Monday: The boys were all in bed and suddenly Emmett was crying and comes downstairs, his eye obviously irritated and he's gagging. Great. Swallowing something isn't typical to Emmett, what could it be? While Travis tried to calm Emmett, I went on a hunt upstairs in the usual places. My bathroom: clean. Boys' bathroom: clean. Laundry room: no sign of disturbance. What was going on? I headed back downstairs and Emmett was still gagging and even puked a little after Travis washed his eye out. I said we needed to let Emmett show us and he lead us to his crib (why didn't I think to look there? I don't know that I've ever found anything there and typically there's a disturbance where ever he got into something.) Turns out he had stolen a little party sized bottle of bubbles that we had at Avery's birthday party and taken it to bed with him. He was probably laying down when he opened it and it dumped on his face.

Sometimes people talk about bad things coming in threes. Well, It like that holds for Emmett and his shenanigans too. Thurs-Fri was WalMart, make-up and eggs. Monday it was BBQ, pee and bubbles. I remember a frustrating day earlier this year with back to back messes that was a three too. Toothpaste, pen and animal crackers. I say back to back because while I was cleaning up the mess, he was making the next one. Since I don't post everything he does, I really couldn't look back and see how often the pattern of three shows up, but I think I will watch out for it now! Maybe I can prevent two and three from happening? I'm not holding my breath.


Grammy H said...

Definitely a new way to enjoy dipping sauce. I will have to make sure the workers don't put the sauce in the boxes next time.
Emmett is definitely a sauce lover though!

Mom said...

I understand why you like cake but can also see why you 'need' cake. I hope you don't eat it like Emmett eats his dipping sauce....but it would make for a very interesting post.