Monday, December 13, 2010

Potty Trained

Potty Training. It's a painful subject for most mothers who've gone through this stage.

Potty training Carson has been a long and painful struggle. And none of it made a difference until Carson decided he was good and ready. This was one of Carson's feelings about the toilet: BORING. He's actually asleep here. (Not that that's a surprise considering all the posts he's had with crazy sleeping spots). That was back in May. It wasn't until mid-September when we went to the Reno Air Races that Carson suddenly decided he was ready to pee in the toilet. FINALLY! Not that he actually went in those port-a-pots pictured above. He wanted to go, but took one look inside and said he could wait until we got back to our travel trailer. That is perhaps one good thing about him being older when he finally decided to do this, the kid has excellent control.
Pooping was another hurdle entirely. At last, two weeks ago we had a break-through. After a few times of making him sit until he pooped when he would complain that his rear was hurting, he figured out that it was okay to go in the toilet (the possibility of getting splashed wasn't such a big deal) and that it made him feel better.
So Travis and I agreed that if he went two weeks without going in his pull-up anymore than he could upgrade to underwear. Hallelujah for the kid following through once he decides to do something! As soon as he made that choice two weeks ago, we haven't had a single incident and he's now a "big boy" in big boy underwear.


Maybe that's why I wanted cake this weekend, I was internally celebrating the end of the potty training nightmare.


Mom said...

Hallelujah!!!Carson comes off conqueror!Please pass the cake.

Angela said...

Oh yeah Carson! You go! Congratulations to you too Laurie. I'm soooo looking forward to when Xander will be potty trained. Unforunatly he pees a lot, side effect of diabetes so I don't know if he's going to do it before he's 3 like his brothers or not.

But it's such a great feeling. Now you only have one in diapers! YAY!

Mindy said...

Bahahaha sleeping on the toilet! That is funny!