Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clearing Day

Back in April Avery and I made a paper chain with a link for each day until our family arrived for graduation. We had extra marks on links for the weekend, and other things like Easter. The link Travis is holding is a very special link for today: Clearing Day! It's the first day the students are allowed turn in everything and tie up any loose ends and walk out of the school without having to come back until graduation!
Travis saw his last patient last Friday, so this whole week he's just been going in from about 9:30am to 2pm just to finish up paper work and because he was technically still supposed to be there - but he didn't really have anything to do! So this morning he went in early to clear out as soon as possible. While he was taking care of it, he was standing there with two other students, but he got the official first sign off which of course means nothing but is kind of funny. He came home at 9:45am and we did a little celebratory family jig for his being DONE!

That's right boys, live it up, Daddy's home for a long time now!

Travis really will be home for a while. Now we have 2 weeks to finish packing, have graduation May 16-17th, and then we leave the 18th! To get his license to practice, Oregon's board of dentistry needs a transcript with his degree posted. The degree can't be posted until he graduates, and unfortunately Marquette doesn't start posting until later in May. It's completely random, with no way to put a rush on anyone's transcript and they don't finish posting until the second week of June! THEN, after the board of dentistry finally receives the transcript it can take 4 to 6 weeks to process! That means the very worst case scenario has Travis unable to start work until the beginning of August!!! By the time he gets to work, he will be SO ready, but I think the number one reason won't be for missing teeth... after all, that's a LONG time for him to be home with us...

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Cyndi said...

How exciting for you all. Congrats to Travis - See you all in June! Happy safe traveling.