Thursday, April 2, 2009

Photographer Avery

Avery thinks it's pretty cool that Mom can take pictures, but he thought it was even cooler when Mom gave him her old camera so he could start taking pictures too!

I mentioned this in a previous post, and he's already debuted on the blog when I used a great picture he took of Carson for the post on Carson's 2yr checkup. (I did crop that one a little, get rid of red-eye, etc, but the shots on this post are all SOOC).

Now, here's a whole post just for his pictures!

I loved looking through the pictures he's taken so far. You could really tell what's important to him. All his family members, a thorough canvas of the house, one of his favorite tv shows (Caillou), some toys, etc.

This is such a great example, he loves tools and he LOVES helping his Daddy
(who set him to pounding nails to get the trailer rails just tacked together).


Mommy, being very attractive

A funny Carson


A great shot of Monkey (a very important member of Avery's family)!

Okay, so we're still working on aiming...
...but I love his excitement and desire to set up shots as well as "being sneaky" with his camera so he can capture a moment!

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Mom said...

Nice job Avery! Next thing you know he'll be making posters with his shots.