Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sleepy Boys

Yesterday my boys were very sleepy! Avery never naps anymore, but he fell asleep on the couch before 11:30am! When Carson saw me get my camera, he had to grab his blanket and jump in the shot:

Then he laid his head down on Avery. So sweet!

Just a few minutes later he sat in his high chair with a yogurt to start his lunch, but didn't finish!

Normally he doesn't fall asleep for nap until about 2pm, but at noon he was so out that he slept
through wiping him up, removing the tray and his bib. I thought too bad he has a stinky
diaper to change instead of just getting laid down peacefully. But he slept right through
the diaper change too! Not once did he stir in all that moving and manhandling of him!

Such sleepy boys! And the bonus? Emmett napped somewhere in all that too!
What? All three boys asleep at the same time?! SUCH a good day.


Mom said...

WOW Free time with all the boys asleep! You probably had so many things you wanted to do that you spent the whole time deciding and didn't get any of them done. Just the chance to think and decide without interruption.....a miracle in a mother's day.

Mindy said...

Nice! Looks like they had a bit of fresh air. You got such good pictures of it all too.