Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Last Thursday, Friday AND Saturday we got to go outside and play!


I love that when Carson lost his shoe, Avery came running to the rescue!

On Friday the boys played outside again while Daddy washed his motorcycle.
However, I was inside making dinner, so no pictures.

Saturday, after Travis was done talking to his Dad, the boys talked to
Grandma Hunsaker for about an hour! Such scintillating conversation
comprised mainly of, "so Grandma, what are you doing now?"
I'm including these pictures in this post simply because I was
so happy to tell Avery yes, he could wear shorts that day!

Ever the copycat, when Carson saw Avery pull his blanket up, he had to go retrieve his too.

Then, on Saturday, we had our first trip of the season to the park!
In shorts and t-shirts!
I love that Emmett had his bare piggies sticking up.
It was warm enough for bare baby piggies!

Of course, it's just Sprin{ish} because since then it has been raining. Thankfully,
the 1-2" of snow they were forecasting for this morning held further to the north!
Even more thankfully, it's supposed to warm up (over 70!) this coming Fri and Sat again!


Grammy H said...

It is great seeing a picture to go along with my side of the telephone "hour". Yeah, it was about that. And, yes his main topic was the so gramma, what are you doing now. I lost count how many times he said it. It was such a great time to spend with my boys on the phone.

Cyndi said...

Oh naked piggies, how cute, forgot about how cute they can be. Now Aaron's are as long as my fingers -- How gross, weird, crazy, silly is that.

Mom said...

Hurray for spring even if it is only {ish}. Avery always asks if it is dark at my house.How sweet is that helper with Carson's shoe and Carson is willing to accept the help.