Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday Avery asked to play with the Tinkertoys and specifically requested I make him a front loader. Well, I think I did a pretty nice job, and it has been well loved an played with since then, so of course I have to post it.
Avery admires my handiwork:

Avery decided scoops can't have holes, so he flattened it:

Zoom Zoom.

The adorable Emmett waited patiently in the Jeep while I made the tractor,
so for his reward he gets some cute pictures (some reward, huh...)

This kid does some funny faces with his lips.
He's always sucking on one or the other or the insides of his cheeks.


Gamma H said...

Oh, my! What adorable boys! Avery definitely has a one track mind with his equipment toys. You did a pretty good job on his loader.
Getting excited for the 14th.
gamma H

Mom said...

Avery look absolutely delighted with your special edition. I like Emmett way back in the background peeking over the windshield of the jeep.