Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just a Shave, Please

Notice something amiss? Or lopsided?

Last night at bedtime, as I was getting Carson changed for bed, Avery was waiting in the bathroom for teeth to get brushed. When I walked in I found him, Daddy's razor in hand, SHAVING HIS BELLY! I'm glad I didn't yelp or similar and make him jump!
"Mom, I'm just trying to shave like Daddy."
So... why the belly?!
As I was talking to him about it, I noticed hair on his nose and cheeks, but couldn't see any blank patches in his hair.
"Avery, where exactly did you shave?"
Finally I spotted the eyebrow. Notice also the two parallel lines just above the mutilated eyebrow? He's lucky that's all he nicked, and it didn't even bleed!


Mindy said...

That was lucky he didn't get hurt. I would have freaked out and someone would have cut their belly. Good news is that eyebrows grow back in...and in the mean time, I'm sure you have an eyebrow pencil lying around that will fix the problem in the mean time.

Angela said...

My boys have both done that. Not the eyebrow, but they've nicked their fingers trying to be like Daddy.

Mom said...

What else will he do to be like Daddy? Food for thought.