Thursday, April 29, 2010

Again, I Promise We're Caring Parents

This is Travis laughing at Avery who is trying not to laugh while crying.

This is why Travis is laughing at Avery. Can you guess what happened?

Yes, Avery chose this tiny bucket to try and sled down the stairs with last week. You can see how far he got before being launched head first into the hardwood floor below. Travis saw him land and said he smashed his knees and forehead both. Actually, I'd bet he only made it one stair down and the second stair is just where the bucket landed.
I don't think he'll try stair sledding again any time soon.


Mom said...

Let's see Avery......bigger sled bucket......large piece of cardboard from the new frig....knee pads.....mattress at the bottom....thank goodness there are no hairpin turns.

Mindy said...

Laughing over here. You have the best blog! Way to capture the moment...too bad you didn't get one of him going through the air. I know how you are with that camera...maybe you can ask him to do it again for your blog. :)