Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My 3 Year Old Carson

Yesterday was Carson's (two weeks late) 3 year check up.
Here are the stats:
Height: 39.25 inches = 85%
Weight: 36 pounds = 85%
He had to have one shot.

Carson, you are such a sweet child. In fact when we describe our children in one word, that's the one we use for you and the one we hear most often from others describing you. You are thoughtful, sensitive, careful and amazingly articulate. We figure that last one comes from your constantly repeating Avery in all words and actions in the past. You are serious and it shows on the camera. Our pictures of you are filled with that. We think your sensitivity has also lead to an extended whiny phase but you are also the mellow one in the family. When you smile it is glorious. You are such an adorable boy.

You have always been an observer of the world around you. We think this has added to your appearance of seriousness and has also broadened your opportunities to show your compassion. Lately you have shown more leadership in suggesting games and being Emmett's big brother instead of following Avery or Emmett's lead. Lately you have also entertained us with your quite, imaginative play when you are alone.

You are not yet potty trained and in fact refuse to sit on the toilet. You even say you don't want candy when we tried that bribe even after you were excited to receive a piece on your one and only accidental pee in the toilet. Just the other day you finally agreed to sit on the toilet when we pointed out that you need to be potty trained if you want to go to preschool like Avery.

If there is one thing you take no one's cue on it's eating. You went through a phase in which you would eat anything, but for a long time now your diet has become completely atypical for a child. Chicken nuggets, peanut butter and jelly and hot dogs are about the only child staples that work for you. Other than pb&j you'll eat Nutella sandwiches but no deli meat sandwiches made at home. Occasionally Subway or a store bought deli sandwich will work. Maybe I should buy hoagie rolls? You can't get enough of vegetables and fruit. Carrot sticks are one of your favorite snacks. Peas and corn are particularly good still frozen. Broccoli and green beans are always good. You prefer to only eat the crust of pizza. Breads are always good. You refuse to try pasta in any form but spaghetti and meatballs and if we do get you to try it you gag. We once had limited success with homemade mac and cheese when made it with radiatore and Daddy noticed it looked like monster truck wheels. "Monster Truck Wheels" is now a preferred food in our house by everyone but you. You wouldn't touch it again after that first time. Sometimes you will eat rice dishes. You eat a lot of cereal, especially Mini Wheats, Kix, Honey Nut Cheerios and the like. Besides chicken nuggets, meatballs and the rare deli style meat sandwich, the only other place I can think of that you get meat is on nachos which you love, although it's the beans you love, the hamburger is just a sidekick. It's a good thing you get iron in a lot of the foods you do like since meat is so absent from your diet!

When I tell you you are cute you say, "I'm not cute, I'm handsome!" We couldn't agree more. When we tell you you're anything else, even that you're handsome, you inevitably say, "I'm not ___, I'm Carson!"

We love you so much, Carson!


Happy Birthday, Carson!

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Mindy said...

He is handsome! Look out mom.