Sunday, April 11, 2010


After church today we stopped at Travis' Grandma Fay's to visit. She's stuck at home for the time being because a few weeks back she had a compound dislocation of her ankle - yikes!
Shortly after we got home Don shows up and we were thinking we must have forgotten something there.
No, we didn't forget anything. Don found after we left that he had caught two squirrels in his traps and wanted to show the boys before he went and released them out at Jon and Cheryl's (which is more of farm and woods country.) I don't actually know why Don wants to catch them, but the boys thought it was interesting and cool that he came to show them. Well, Avery thought it was interesting, Carson had nothing but nasty looks for the rodent and I guess I don't know what Emmett thought.
The one in the picture was very feisty, biting the cage and so forth. The other one was scared and stuck to the back of its cage.

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