Monday, April 12, 2010

Emmett's Checkup

Emmett and Carson had checkups today which for Emmett was late for his 18 month checkup, so he was 19 months and a few days old instead.

Here's his stats:
Height 35 inches = over 95%
Weight 27lbs 1oz = 50-75%
Head 49.6cm = 75-90%

He's gained some height, he's been steadily in the 90-95% for a long time.

Poor guy also had 4 shots today, no fun.

Just like Carson, since turning 18 months his vocab has suddenly started to improve rapidly. We frequently hear new words from him. He's as mischievous as ever and is frequently the leader in inciting crazy running around with his brothers.

For all his mischief and craziness, Emmett's also very sweet. One of the times we see him at his most tender is with his little cousin Julie. Since her birth he has been fascinated with her and is always so gentle. We babysat her for the first time on Saturday and Emmett loved spending all that time with her, laying with her and entertaining her. I wanted to get a picture of them laying together, but then Julie started fussing so I thought I'd give her the bottle for a minute and try again, instead Emmett immediately helped to gently hold the bottle. It's nice to see him so mellow when she's around.

Carson's stats will get posted tomorrow with a longer post for having turned three.

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Aaron and Kristel said...

What a sweetheart! He is growing up too fast!