Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Weekend

Friday before Easter we colored eggs

I can't believe this is the only shot I took of the finished work

Saturday morning Carson had the grand idea to tie his balloon (from Red Robin from his birthday dinner) around his waist. Obviously Avery had to have his done too and soon they were taking turns chasing each others' tails. It made for very peaceful watching of General Conference.


Easter morning:
Avery was happy...

...Carson was happy...

...and Emmett was happy. What more do you need?

Oh, yeah, an Easter Egg Hunt!

It was fun watching Emmett figure it all out.

On a side note, after we colored eggs on Friday, I decided to have an egg salad sandwich with two of the eggs the boys managed to crack. The boys thought the egg slicer was pretty cool. As the only one in the house who likes hard boiled eggs, and with the dozen we colored plus the more than half dozen Avery brought home from preschool, I knew I would be spending a lot of time with this egg slicer. Saturday morning, much to my dismay I found it broken.
"How did this happen!?!"
"It was me," says a dejected Avery.
"But how?"
"I was strumming it..."
Okay, I couldn't help it, I busted up laughing.
Pathetic egg slicer it must have been anyway.
Good thing I love egg salad enough to warrant the annoyance it was without it. Actually I got a pretty good method down with a knife. (And yes, I am astronomically lazy and did not just go buy another one. I still haven't.)

The end.

Happy Easter!


Aaron and Kristel said...

What a fun Easter holiday! :) I love the fact that Avery owned up to his "strumming", good for him..hehe! What cute boys!

Mindy said...

I almost boiled more right after easter because the kids like deviled eggs that much. They disappeared so fast.
I love the colors in your pictures.