Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sleepy Boys

Just another post of my boys randomly falling asleep in the last 2 months.

March 10

March 11 This was Emmett's first time falling asleep in his chair.

March 30 Doesn't this look comfortable?

April 16 Particularly considering the subjects on his shirt this makes me think of:
"Hey, yo, DJ."
"What up?"
"We got ourselves a nodder." (Cars movie)

April 17

Also April 17 The rocking chair is popular.
Somewhere in that time was a funny one of Carson asleep in his new Lightning McQueen camp chair but I guess I didn't get a picture. He fell asleep sitting normally with his head back, but later I checked on him and he had woken enough to get his legs through the arm rest hole so he could sit sideways for a more comfortable head position. Silly boy.

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Mom said...

Are you drugging them? tee hee!!!