Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Break Day At The Coast

Travis and his Dad took a day off during Spring Break at the end of March. His Dad and Mom went camping at the coast and wanted everyone to come visit, so on Friday we loaded up some quads with Kevin and Katrina and headed over.
Yes, it was WET. But we knew that all the rain pounding was finishing up that morning and the rest of the day was supposed to be great.

When we pulled out of the campground to go to the dunes at Sand Lake, we saw a Coast Guard chopper heading straight for Cape Kiwanda across the street. We got there in time to see a Coast Guard rescue. The diver got the first person and the second tried to grab the rope and get pulled up that way but of course they couldn't hold on and splashed back down.

They started off to the left of the haystack rock in the background, but by the time they were pulling up the second person the current had pulled them all the way to the right side of haystack rock. I'm no great judge of distance, but after conferring with Travis we think the current carried them 3 to 4 football field lengths.

When we got back to the van, Emmett got in and promptly moved to the drivers seat. "You gotta problem with that?"

At Sand Lake there's a playground that I watched the kids at while the guys went out first.

Avery and Carson had a great affinity for rolling in the sand.

Nothing like a little sand to go with that snot. Too bad every time a quad or sand rail would drive by Emmett would run after crying "Daddy!" Poor abandoned child.

Avery after a little ride with Papa

Katrina and I enjoyed a fabulous ride out together, it's always great not having to spend the whole time playing babysitter.

Then we went back to Cape Kiwanda to look at the tide pools, although we were a little early for the tide being all the way out.
Cape Kiwanda,Coast

The boys checking out this little cave.

It is slanted like that, I'm not tipping the camera.

I couldn't help myself and posted this in both color and black and white on Laurie Marie Photography. I love the colors of this world too much to do a ton of black and white and this picture is no exception. I love the muted, mysterious, dusky colors of this shot, but all that texture was just begging for black and white too.
Cape Kiwanda,Coast

Papa got a purple starfish for Avery to look at.


Papa tried to get Emmett to poke his fingers in too. Actually, I'm surprised at how willingly Avery and Carson stuck their fingers in.




This is a crop I made of a picture I grabbed from my mother-in-law. Just me being me.

When it was time to leave and we were nearing the car (you can drive out onto the beach at Cape Kiwanda) Emmett took off. I turned just in time to catch (sort of, since it's blurry) this classic smirky look back to see if he was being followed. One big stride later and Dad had him.
In the background of this image is a big sand hill. It's part of the headland rather than a changeable dune and is very popular to climb to the top of. With two coast trips in a row to this area, I don't know when we'll come back here specifically, but maybe whenever next time comes we'll get around to making the big climb!

Another fun day at the coast!

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Aaron and Kristel said...

The Coast Guard rescue looked amazing! The boys are so cute! Looks like you all had a great trip :)