Monday, June 14, 2010


In this case I wish "Cast" meant cast for an acting or modeling job. Alas, that is not its definition here.

This morning Emmett got his broken arm cast.

And this just goes to show that nothing, including a cast, will stop him from doing what he wants, like sliding down the stairs.

The background story: First Broken Bones

In a completely unrelated story...
Today Avery and Carson were playing outside during Emmett's nap and after being out for a long time I heard them come in but didn't hear any more from them. Shortly thereafter Emmett woke up crying, and then screaming bloody murder because he had climbed out of his crib and left his monkey in the crib out of reach. (Yes, he still climbs out regardless of a splint or cast.) So I got Emmett and we were playing on my bed when Travis got home. He changed his clothes and took off to sell something he had on Craigslist. After he left he called the house to tell me he didn't hear the other boys at all outside while he was there and to go check on them. First I went to look outside as Travis suggested, forgetting I heard them come in already. Then I started searching the house. I couldn't believe what I found!
Turns out they had mutually decided to come in and both take a nap (and slept through Emmett's screaming) and I hadn't even noticed them in there when I got Emmett up who's room is right across the hall! Too bad I had to wake my sleepy boys then so they wouldn't ruin their bedtime too badly.

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