Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In Which Bath Time Ends Abruptly

But first there must be a gratuitous number (ten) of bath pictures.

This was last Saturday and we were trying to get a nice bath picture for my Mom per her request.

Two out of three boys isn't bad, but it's just not good enough.

Mostly we saw lots of splashing


And noise making (I love how Emmett always screams with his whole body tensed, arms pushing straight down)

I balanced stuff on my head, and they just waited for failure instead of smiling (I didn't even get smiles for failure!)

I counted down with gusto, and they just joined in

More noises


And in the end, this was about as close as we came to three nicely smiling boys

But this one is my favorite.

So, how did bath time end abruptly?
Well, here's some pictures from Sunday (the day after the bath) after church when we were headed up to change clothes.

I don't know why Avery just had to have me take his picture like this... but wait, what's that on Emmett?

That's the reason bath time ended abruptly.

He decided to climb the end of the tub with the sloping back rest and even as Travis and I were saying "sit down!" he slipped, conked his chin on the edge of the tub and slid down on his belly into the water with his face under. Seriously, never leave children unattended in the bath!
So Travis grabbed him up and set him on the floor and got his towel on him as I got down to comfort him. Only then did I realize he split his chin open! Three steri-strips later and a chinstrap of a bandaid and he was good to go. Now all three of my boys have accomplished facial scars. (Carson's, Avery's)I supposed this means Emmett will have a bald patch when he's old enough to shave. At least it's right under his chin...


Mom said...

I can't quit looking. I love all of these. Of course, I had to show everyone at work that might be even remotely interested or at least nice enough to act interested.

RaQuelle Willey said...

so cute! love there smiles

Laura said...

Hilarious photos and super cute post. Thanks for the smile!