Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Garden Spiders

A couple weeks ago Avery came running to tell me about a big ball of little spiders outside. I went to look and this is what he found. I took just this shot and then went to call Travis to ask him to bring the macro lens home from the office for the weekend so I could get a closer look. Unfortunately, first it was raining and then I got food poisoning and was laid up for a few days.

Something interesting about these little Garden Spiders, they pack together in this ball and if the network of webbing is disturbed they will "jump" apart, all shooting down a separate line of web until the perceived danger is over and then they'll gather back together.

By the time I got back out to look it was a full week later and I was just hoping to find one left nearby. That's exactly what I found. One. But they're so tiny that the small amount of breeze had him whipping back and forth all over the place so he was tucked up in this little ball just holding on and I'm surprised I go a shot in focus. So, introducing: Mr. Garden Spider Butt.

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Jocelyn said...

So creepy! I would be afraid to let them live because, to me, a small spider is a potential HUGE spider just waiting to grow up. Spiders in that large of a group outside my house would make me pretty nervous.

I know how that goes with meaning to get a shot of something. I wanted to get our first rose that bloomed in the back yard, but every time I thought about it, it was raining.