Friday, June 11, 2010

Muddy Waters

Monday, during Emmett's nap Avery and Carson went outside to play. Carson came to me in the office after they were out a long time looking like this:


Worse though were the very dirty feet that had trod up my carpeted stairs. He had dutifully taken his sandals off first though, so how do I condemn?

Apparently they had found water left in the back little bucket of Carson's trike and decided to add dirt and make mud pie. Well, I didn't actually see any mud pie and failed to take a picture of the bucket full of mud in his bike, but they certainly got themselves muddy!

Shortly after Emmett woke up and I decided to let him have some fun too since baths were obviously inevitable. At that point Avery was playing in some muddy water they made in the wheelbarrow.


And since this is a dirty post... I did not realize what I caught in this picture until I saw it on my monitor. Do you see what I see? I've decided to spare you a closer crop of the image... You're welcome.

P.S. Yes, Avery has probably ruined that perfectly good white polo. There's a particularly stubborn spot that I'll have to try a few more treatments on...


RaQuelle Willey said...

wow, boys! how long did that take to clean up?

Laura said...

Boys and mud. It doesn't end....