Wednesday, June 30, 2010


While I was in Ohio Emmett had entirely too much fun running Daddy ragged.

Saturday evening (a week and a half ago) when I spoke to Travis he told me how that day at his parent's house he had looked away from Emmett for about 20 seconds and then found him on a ladder. Not to the top yet, but already at the level of the eaves! Later he noticed him climbing onto the tractor but a second later he'd be running somewhere else and then suddenly he'd be on the tractor again. He's just too fast. And the cast doesn't slow him down. In fact, Travis found him standing on the ball hitch of Papa's truck trying to climb in the truck bed... using his cast arm as a climbing hook.

And the "best" part? Emmett found a bucket full of water to play in. Meaning his whole cast got dunked. Yuck. All that moisture is not good for the skin, plus it really started to stink, but they had to wait until Monday to get it re-cast. So now he has a shiny new (well, at least it was a week ago) identical blue cast.

Crazy boy, Daddy sure was glad to have Mommy back to help!

Ah, why can't we have more of these peaceful, day-dreamy moments?


Nicki said...

Oh're my go to girl next time I need advice on raising boys. LOL.

Jocelyn said...

What beautiful, warm light in those pictures.

Oh yeah. And poor Travis.