Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend And First Home BBQ

Saturday we went to a graduation party for Katrina who has finished her masters in teaching. Go Katrina! (No, I didn't take any pictures there).

Then we went to my in-laws for dinner because Grandpa Lybbert was in town. The nice weather meant playing outside!

Since the Odyssey has some start up issues, Ben and Travis pulled the spark plug and sand blasted it clean. The graininess in the picture in front of Ben is actually all the fine white sand flying. Me and my expensive camera kept our distance.

A clean spark plug made a big difference in the start up!
Emmett's funny, he hears that engine start and comes running! He can't get enough!

Actually, he doesn't like to share, but sometimes he has to wait his turn and then I coo over those cute wispy curls coming out the back of his hat...

There's no reverse, so Megan got herself stuck and had to do a manual turn around!

Crazy lady

What's he holding on to...?

Papa's leg. Gotta make sure he doesn't get away.

When Megan was done driving, Travis put the Odyssey away which Emmett did not approve of so Papa soothed him by offering him a tractor ride.

Does Carson want a ride? No. He never does. But these two crack me up. Megan was just giving him looks to see what he would do.

Avery wants a turn though!

Another moment for cuteness. Such adorable hat hair.

Megan took Carson for a fly and Gunner ran in the shot and shook off nasty pond water on them.

Then Saturday night Travis finally brought home our BBQ which has been stored at his parents' since we moved away to dental school five years ago! After a good clean up we had our first BBQ at home on Sunday. Avery's only experience of what a BBQ is implies that it's a party so he kept asking when all the people were coming over!

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