Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Avery has a friend across the creek. They seem to be pretty good buds, when I came outside with the camera this day to look for any leftover Garden Spiders I heard the other boy say, "So wha-da-ya wanna do today?" Really? How much can they "do" from these spots? They certainly chat a lot though!

A little later the girl next door came out and (there's a section of fence between our properties that's just the black cyclone instead of privacy so they talk there but it's on the other side of the yard from this picture) came calling "Avery! Avery I'm over here!" Poor Avery stood there looking back and forth like "what am I supposed to do now?" Across-The-Creek friend can't see Next-Door-Neighbor friend otherwise I can only imagine the three of them chatting away the afternoons!

A little later a couple of the ducks that like to hang out on our section of the creek came along and stayed for a bit.

I know, I know, I just did a potato bug post last week, but this was a big one too and I noticed in this picture afterward that there's a partial potato bug shell at the bottom center of the picture that's kind of cool. I also wonder what the shiny clear-ish ball about a half inch in front of the potato bug is. A (future) grub?
potato bug

Obviously Avery had to come see what I was looking at, so he had to pick Mr Potato Bug up. For some reason I like these guys. No clue why, I just think they're kind of cool.
potato bug

I will try to refrain from more potato bugs for at least a little while now. :)

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Mom said...

You need to make a movie.....Invasion of the Giant Potato Bugs. Avery can star in it as can Across-The-Creek friend and Next-Door-Neighbor friend.
You don't have any potatoes. How do you know they are common potato bugs? They could be uncommon.