Friday, June 4, 2010

You Can't Kill A Spider Plant

I have two small pots of spider plants in the house as well and since moving to our new house I put time on the window sill over our master tub. We've been in this house three months now and I think I've only watered them twice - after they sat ignored for two months! They were pretty droopy and not very vibrant green at that point but they perked right back up. Seriously, these plants stand up to neglect fabulously. That's probably why they are such common house plants.

Last fall a night time frost came early and got all my big outdoor potted plants. This pot has just been sitting in our garage with the dirt still in it ever since then. Then a few weeks ago I noticed some green poking out. Survivors! This pot had a few different plants in it, but it looks like the spider plant won the hardiness award. I wonder if it wouldn't have taken so long for something to show up if it had been in the light? Or maybe they had to rebuild a healthy root system in that time? So anyway, I put the pot just outside the back door and then the other day I took a closer look at the progress and it's looking great!
spider plant

Such tiny little buds off the old stock!
spider plant

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Laura said...

That is hilarious and good to know! :-)

Gret blog!!