Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

I've been tagged lots on Facebook, and having finally taken the time to do this, I'm sharing it here too.

1. DARK chocolate is the only way to go.
2. While I regret nothing, I still grieve having to walk away from my original choice of education.
3. After my husband, my Mom is my best friend.
4. I want to see the world
5. I gravitate towards music with a penchant for melancholy
6. Since moving to Milwaukee I think Travis and I have averaged about 4 dates/year. Actually, that might be too generous...
7. I over analyze... everything.
8. I want nice things, but suffer terribly at the idea of spending too frivolously. Case in point, there are many VERY nice cars I lust after. Gone in 60 Seconds is one of my favorite movies. P.S. I don't think I'm capable of loving our mini van.
9. I desperately want to go to stunt driving school.
10. I'm very science minded. Always have been. All childhood career choices were always science centered. At least I have that in common with Travis and we can enjoy our dorky science shows on TV together.
11. I would rather always be the one to get up in the night with the baby, than be the one to get up in the morning when the boys get up.
12. My brain never wants to shut up so I can sleep. (Hazard of #7) Actually, my back doesn't help with sleep much either...
13. Sometimes I wish the power of the DVR and Photoshop could be applied to life.
14. My husband is the best man I have ever known. I hope my boys won't ever lose sight of that and will learn from him.
15. Girls scare me. Maybe my 3 boys will get a sister so I'll have to face that, maybe they won't because I'm only capable of handling boys?
16. I'm a silver girl, not a gold girl.
17. I'm entirely too sensitive. I cry a lot. Although the crying has only really been around since my first pregnancy. I wonder if it'll wear off eventually, or if once those pipes are tapped they can't be welded shut again? Even beautiful or powerful things can make me cry, like a great dance routine, or nature scenes, or music, etc.
18. I find colors intoxicating. The saturated, wet green of western Oregon gives me peace. Blues greens and purples are my favorite.
19. I like to go fast. Especially when I can smell the sea and the sand is blowing in my face. I've never driven fast enough.
20. I've developed an obsession with clothes and shoes and accessories.
21. I don't talk to my sister any where near often enough.
22. Having children cures you of any enjoyment in the traveling part of travel.
23. I'm always worried about being a bother, so I suck at staying in contact with people, or asking for help.
24. I like it clean, but hate to clean.
25. Despite the challenges they are, all FOUR (you too Travis) of my boys are the most important thing to me.


Cyndi said...

Wow - we have a lot in common - must be that we are related. I agree with you on #5, 6, 7, 8 - so glad we got the mustang from you parents and it will be receiving a paint job this spring - Metallic orange & black (so Cool), #12, 13, 14, 15 - if you don't have any girls you may be thankful because I am (they scare me too), especially 17 but I think we can thank grandma Cabe for that one, #18, #23 - and please ask for help if you really need it (trust me on this one), #24 & 25 - Love you my little flower girly girl,
Cousin Cyndi

Melinda said...

We have more in common than I thought we did! Except that science thing...I just don't get it.

Mom said...

#17...I think once you have kids and see things beyond yourself (I look back to how selfish I was as a teenager)you will always be more prone. However, I also agree with Cyndi that we can thank Mom for it. Why is such a thing so hereditary (at least in our case). I can cry at commercials if kids are in them.
STUNT DRIVING SCHOOL!!!! That's not hereditary you crazy woman!!!Remember how slow and docile I made Travis drive when I was on the back of the 4-wheel and in the sandrail with him. I'm pathetic! You should compare yourself to this pattern every 10 years. It might be very interesting.

morgan said...

WOW. #21 :) Love you. Agreed. Actually I agree on almost ALL of them. #17 definietly all in the family. I'm very scared of Chloe. lol. #3 totally agree. Mom is just the best. Fiona Apple is still my fave.