Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Really Long Commercial

This morning Avery woke up early and came in our room to wake us. Travis sent him to the living room. (Travis doesn't remember that part happening - his memory starts with the following...) Next thing {I} knew, Avery was running in our room all excited, "You HAVE to come see this! They're showing how to make quesadillas! Come see!" We gave some platitudes and sent him back in to watch something so "cool." Next time he came in we let him climb up with us and tell us about it. He was complaining that it was "a really long commercial."
He must be enjoying infomercials.
The one he was watching then was an exercise one, Avery tried to demonstrate what they were doing. Apparently it didn't hold his interest and that's what sent him in with the "long commercial" complaint.
Before the exercise infomercial, Avery got to see "them" mix lots of things in a bullet blender.
"The Magic Bullet?"
"Yeah! They make stuff that's very yummy! Like a chocolate vanilla; that's my favorite kind of chocolate!"
I'm not sure how the quesadilla making fits in on the Magic Bullet but... "You make a big round circle then you make a quesadilla wrap and then you make a big round circle of cheese and then you slice it and that's how you make a quesadilla!"


Pam Emmons said...

That's pretty funny. We love our magic bullet, but the kids say it's "too loud!"

morgan said...

lol. Chloe will come out of our room (where she usually watches her 'big girl shows') and tell me my eyelashes look clumpy. "You need the spin brush mascara, mom, then it will look nice and perfect." Oh, and the Buxton Bag. "Mom, you can't find things in your purse because it's messy, but it you had a 'button' bag everything would have a place." It is truly amazing what commercials can do in a kid's mind. (We still want a Magic Bullet, though) :)

Amy and the boys said...

We love ours. We've had it for about 4 years. Avery's smart- he's know a good thing when he sees it!