Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jacket Weather

This last week we had a day where I think it made it all the way to 58 degrees!
Avery really wanted to play outside, and even though it was muddy from all the melting snow, I thought he could definitely use some outside time.
He even got to take some bubbles out so he could "breathe bubbles" (for some reason that's stuck with him and he forgets it's "blow.")
Since it's been so long since Carson's been out, and Emmett was sleeping, I decided we could go out too. I found a patch of concrete to sit on where the sun could warm my back, and settled in to take some pictures.
I love the crazy driving Avery puts Carson through, of course Carson loves it:
Playing airplane:
And here's a drowning leaf that was my neighbor on my patch of concrete:
I'm so glad we could enjoy some jacket weather.

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morgan said...

Oh, that sounds so nice! I'm so sick of being couped up inside! I've been thrilled this week that it's reached 40 here... I guess I shouldn't be too surprised it's still crappy - there's usually snow still when our birthdays come around, huh?