Monday, February 16, 2009

Knives and Ice Cream

Considering some recent posts, does that title leave any question as to who this post is about?

This morning when Travis left he informed me all the boys were still asleep. Later, I woke up and all was silent. I was surprised Avery wasn't up yet. Wait. Never mind, I could hear him out in the living room. I didn't think I could sleep through his thumping run out of his bedroom. Maybe he walked.
So I got up and this is what I found:

His Grandma had bought these two mini ice creams for him the last time she was here. They didn't get eaten at the time, and there they've sat in the freezer since... until this morning.
Apparently, the butter knife next to his bum he used to pry open the first container, but the second container was too tight, so he stabbed it with a steak knife!?


There's a few things wrong here...
1. With his recent history, he's no longer allowed to get ANYTHING in the kitchen without asking first.
2. Also due to recent events, he's no longer allowed to take his stool out of the bathroom, yet I (again) found it on top of a chair in front of the fridge...
3. he could reach a steak knife from the knife block kept up there!
4. And then of course there's no eating on the couch.

First, I ask him "Avery, are you allowed to get things out of the kitchen without asking?"
"Oh, that's right, I forgot."
So prosaic.
Honestly, what am going to do with this kid?


Hunsaker House said...

These sound like the same rules I've told Damon billions of times. Luckily these boys don't get hurt while stealing treats from the kitchen!

Mindy said...

That's scary. I hope your gray hairs don't start coming in. It could happen at this rate of naughtiness from Avery. Is there some way to bolt his door shut until you wake up?

morgan said...

Scary! Jace can reach three inches in on the kitchen counter now, and Tim is terrible about pushing things back, so i feel like I'm always getting something from Jace he shouldn't have. Chloe's deal is the pantry. She's a bottomless pit, I swear. (I think I was as a kid too though) I wonder if telling Avery that you're going to put him back in a crib would do anything... or maybe he's just hurl himself out...

Carolyn Hanson said...

After our recent conversation, all I can think to say is brace yourself for more!

Mom said...

Finding a one-answer-fits-all is not going to happen. So, for this morning stuff.....Can he plan his own breakfast the night before and have it all laid out....graham crackers already in the bowl, the amount of milk he will need in a separate container more his size for hefting and pouring. He might feel more in control. Then you will have to convince him to wake you if he has any difficulties instead of resorting to climbing. I am thinking that rules without options for doing it himself are going to fall on deaf ears in his case. You are going to have to be as creative with your fixes as he is with his. HA, HA easy answers!!!!

Grammy H said...

As I have said many times before--How much alike he is with his Uncle Kevin. It brings back so many memories-not all safe. I agree with your mom, choices may be the best thing for Avery. He has a lot of curiosity to control. His is also way too smart in finding solutions to his actions. Good Luck!!!! Oh! Sorry about not getting to my ice cream treats last time. Too bad he couldn't have waited a few more days until we get there.