Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oreo Thief

The other night Travis and I were enjoying some milk and Oreos after putting the boys to bed. We were just about finished when Avery came out. I don't know why because he took one look at what we were doing and gave us a "gRRR" and then ran away sobbing without tears. We called him back in and asked if he'd like us to save the last one for him for tomorrow. Obviously he wanted that.
So, the next morning (yesterday) Avery comes into my room to tell me about something/get me up (Avery gets up early while Travis is still home and I'm a bum and stay in bed until I have to get up with either Carson or Emmett). I don't know what he wanted to talk about, I was too distracted by his full goatee:I already knew, but had to ask, "What is on your face, Avery?"
"Um, Oreos..."
So I get up to take a look and find this bit of mess on the table:
"Where are the Oreos, Avery?"
"I already put them away"
Apparently, Avery wasn't satisfied with the one saved for him, he had to see if there was another package in the pantry. As luck would have it, there was.
He ate an
A THIRD of the package! I wonder what made him stop there. At least he did, and didn't get sick later and bless me with chocolate puke to clean up too!
"And I put my cup in the sink"
You know what I see when I look at this cup? Wasted Oreo crumbs...
Wait, reverse. I suddenly realize something I should have already seen: the spoon and straw and cup all add up to Avery pouring his own milk! I'm glad he managed it and saved me from that mess.
When I threw the straw away I saw the empty Oreo package thrown away, along with a couple Oreo-ified paper towels.
Hmm... He put the Oreos away, took care of his cup, the empty package, and tried to wipe up...
I think he was trying to hide the evidence!
He just forgot the straw, spoon and the goatee.

So, then this morning, before Travis left, I told him to make sure the Oreos are way out of reach. That's okay, Avery will think of something else. This morning I was greeted with another goatee, but not nearly as glorious as yesterday's, so no picture. This morning's adventure was hot chocolate. LOTS of chocolate.

But wait, apparently that's not ALL chocolate. When I rinsed the cup I discovered some animal crackers taking a mud bath:
The "excitement" just never ends.

Oh, yeah, also this morning I found that all my nicely folded laundry from the evening before was in a great messy pile. Why? Avery: "Because I decided I didn't want the laundry to be folded." Thanks so much.


Angela said...

Be grateful it's just food. Ethan's done some interesting things with bodily waste in the name of curiosity and science.

Mindy said...

That makes me laugh. I love his goatee. At least he was honest, and cleanup was to a minimum right?
Sorry about your laundry, that would have really ticked me off...I'm not as patient as you when it comes to those kind of things.

slk230 said...

Yes, it is a good thing it was just food. Hope he doesn't start experimenting with Fluff (if you have that there, if not I can send some). And he did clean up, except for the laundry.

Now wait until all of them start experimenting together.

Wisconsin Willeys said...

Looks like Curious George is at it again.

morgan said...

My kids are great at laundry 'help' too. Lately though the problem has been Jace and the trash. He is always trying to eat old coffee grounds. What a weirdo. I think Avery did pretty darn well at his clean-up attempt, eh?

Mom said...

I guess it's time for Avery to start folding his own laundry. (I know, I just heard you say, 'Are you crazy?' He is old enough to fold his. The catch will be if you can stand how he does it. Tee Hee!! You have to admit he must make good chocolate because he drank it.