Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day BBQ

Well, we had a Memorial Day BBQ a day early this year.

Wrestling with Aunt Megan.


The yummy goods on Ben's home built fire pit.

When it started to sprinkle, we all went under the picnic shelter, except Emmett who was perfectly content.

Avery trying to "climb" the rope in the picnic shelter. This is the same rope that an angry 16 year old Kevin whipped at an 18 year old Travis and the end knot smacked Travis in the eye rupturing his retina. Travis' vision is fuzzy around the edges on the bad eye now. As everyone was playing with it Travis joked, "I bet you can't rupture your retina with that!" and Kevin, not missing a beat, said, "I can do that for you!"

Carson enjoys a swing

Then Avery wanted to swing too.

And this has nothing to do with BBQing, but at the end of the evening Avery and Carson "helped" Katrina give Julie a bath. Look at those big eyes! She can give some of the best puppy dog eyes I've ever seen!

Happy Memorial Day! Remember those who sacrificed for our freedom!

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