Monday, August 18, 2008

2 Weeks to Go!

Today marks just 2 weeks until my due date! So I decided yesterday was a good day to force Travis to take my picture again since I was wearing the same little jacket I wore back in the 3 months to go post. Here's me trying for the same angle as that last post and then one of the big ol' profile.
Currently the baby has dropped significantly. Enough that at my last appointment on Thur. which was at 37 and a half weeks, my measurement had dropped back to 35cm because the kid has lodged himself so far down. (I know the moms reading this understand that - but for those that don't know, they measure your belly top to bottom and like to see it at the same number cm as weeks you are - all my pregnancies have been great about being right on or within a half cm). My doctor was literally shocked when she saw my belly while laying down and definitely didn't think she ever saw Carson get that far down!
So, amongst other signs, things are moving along... :)


Wisconsin Willeys said...

You better not have this baby while we are all out of town! Tell that to the baby.
ps you look great!

Mom said...

Wow Laurie! I don't think I remember your face ever being that thin. Way to go!!!!

kristel said...

Yay.. he is almost here! Cute picture :)

Pam Emmons said...

i can't wait for that baby to come! And you still look so dang cute!