Friday, August 22, 2008

Bears and Monkeys!

Here's two quick bits from this past week:

On Wednesday morning before Travis got to go shooting we went out to Cabela's (he needed to buy ammo). There's tons of taxidermy in there so the boys love looking at all the animals and the exhibits and the large walk-through aquarium. You can see a nice photo gallery of what's in our local Cabela's here. Even if you're not a hunting/camping/fishing kind of outdoors person, it's still a fun place to take little kids and look around.

Avery amazed me with his memory while we were there. We haven't been there more than a couple times a year, but as we drove in he instantly remembered having been there with Papa and as we walked around, he knew before we got to one area of the store that he had sat on a 4 wheeler with Papa over there. When did all that with Papa happen? May of 2007! It amazes me that a 3 and a half year old can remember such specifics from over a year ago!

This visit was the first time Carson was big enough to enjoy trying the shooting gallery (it's always nice when an employee stands at the entrance handing out tokens!)
Avery loves this bear - he always has to get big bear hugs...
And of course the boys had to stop and "drive" the little ATVs parked outside. They were both making their own "vroom vroom" type of noises here!

Then, yesterday, after an OB appointment for me and before Travis took off to the school (he had volunteered to help pass out instruments to the incoming freshman) we stopped at a park to play for a bit. I suppose Avery has been more than capable of doing the monkey bars for some time now, but in my condition I certainly never thought to hoist him up and help. With Travis there Avery tried them and did great! He thinks he needs Travis to hold his lower legs to do it, but obviously that's just a mental comfort since there's no support actually given there.
I know he seems a bit whiney about doing them in this video, but I promise he actually asked me to "make a movie" of him on them.

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Aaron and Kristel said...

How cute are your boys!!! I love all the pictures :)