Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cory the Monster Eater

I've been needing to write about this for a while!
Every Sunday after church Avery wants to call his Grandma and Grandpa Benjamin. 3 Sundays ago now (I think) while on the phone with them we were asking Avery about what the baby's name should be. Normally Avery just says "I dunno, what's the baby's name?" He's NOT the kind of kid who names things. Anything. That creative bone doesn't seem to exist in him, he wants to be told the real proper name of everything.
BUT, on this particular occasion Avery said,
"I dunno, Cory the Monster Eater?"
Where did that come from?!?
Now Avery thinks it's a great funny joke to say that's the baby's name when we ask him.

On a side note, here we are less than a week from my due date and we really are stuck in the name department. I'm getting rather anxiety ridden over the whole affair...


Aaron and Kristel said...

Avery is so silly.. I can still hear him saying, "I'm a funny guy"..hehe ;)

Mindy said...

Huh. Nice name. You could use Avery's idea and name the boy Cory, and for a middle name, something like Graham. Of course when I saw Monster and Eat together I thought of the cookie monster, cookie wouldn't be a boy name, but maybe Graham.
Good luck. This is always the hardest part.

morgan said...

I can't get over how OLD Avery looks in this pic! i keep wanting to ask you about names, but I know you're struggling. It'll be clear soon enough!