Friday, August 15, 2008


I've decided to really keep this blog as a family journal, and to try to keep it in real time. So when I get backed up enough, and have enough back posts I'd like to put up, I've chosen to back date them to keep closer chronological order. Okay, I'm a bit OCD about this... I even like having one post a day just so I can always have the date next to the post title. So I like knowing when things happened in my life, so what? Did I say just "a bit OCD?" (I've been doing the same with slowly filling out our history prior to when I actually started this blog)
If you'd really like to know what all the new posts are, here's a list (you can either just scroll down or click on the links to view):

July 22: Bedtime = Playtime

July 26: Mmm, yogurt
Aug 1: That's a DOOR, Avery
Aug 2: When Avery "works hard"
Aug 3: Bits of July
Aug 4: Sleepy reading
Aug 14: Carson Update


Josh and Betsie said...

are you going to your blog? They print it out for you and then you can keep it as a journal. its AWESOME!

Cyndi said...

Laurie - you're doing an awesome job at blogging and keeping track, I don't know how you find the time, I never could when mine were that young and yet you are adding another to the family - I quit at 2 decided 3 boys would be way to much for me to handle, and was quite apparent that boys ran in the Castle line - no girls allowed for several generations so I said heck with it. But now that the boys are teenagers I feel blessed to have boys and not girls -- amen on that one! Much love to you and your family, Your Cousin -- Cyndi

Mindy said...

No wonder! I thought I had missed all your posts somehow because they showed up this morning with dates from a while back. That makes sense now. I'm kind of OCD about dates too. That's what's nice about having the date info stored on your camera. It bugs me though when I'm sitting at the computer trying to write in my journal so I can get the exact date the photo was taken. It's hard to just do it on a daily basis.