Sunday, September 14, 2008

Carson Loves Emmett!

For all Carson's indifference to Emmett when he visited us in the hospital, our very first evening home he finally took note of his new baby brother. He was full of kisses for him!
Here, Carson heard Emmett crying and he came running to give him a kiss!
And today, 2 days since coming home, Carson wanted to hold Emmett. I was surprised how long he sat there. I guess he was studying the new little addition...
Carson has been so sweet about and with Emmett, I hope he keeps it up!

One other note - we're always working on Carson's vocabulary, but he already calls Emmett "baby" which makes that the fastest learned word to date by far!

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Mom said...

I just love Carson's little head shape. How in the world do those skinny little necks hold those heads up???