Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day, without the labor...

It was an eventful day, minus the big event. At this point we're obviously not getting our Labor Day baby, but it was a fun day otherwise.

Travis finished the work on the Explorer, so once he gets the final bits put back together for a final pic he gets a post on his greatness there.

Avery got to learn all about frying ants...

Carson tried out Avery's trike. He has to stand in front of the seat to reach the ground. He pushed himself down the slope of our front walk and turned into the grass, ending with these predictable results:
Carson picked it back up and was ready to try again when Avery decided to hop on too. Next thing we new Avery is taking off peddling with Carson along for the ride. Turns out Carson thought that was pretty cool and wanted to keep going when Avery wanted him off so he could go faster.

And of course we got to have a nice evening with friends for a Labor Day BBQ.
Food highlight of the evening: Mike and Jess brought their Dutch oven and made peach cobbler - SO YUMMY! And what a great idea for a BBQ!

Carson enjoyed playing a little baseball - Carson didn't enjoy Avery stealing the baseball bat from him.
Avery enjoyed a lot of baseball - Carson didn't enjoy a whack straight to the face with the bat.
Avery enjoyed a hot dog - Carson didn't enjoy choking on a pretzel.
Avery enjoyed himself overall, especially playing with Hailey, Sienna and Nora - Carson generally had a rough time.

Here's Carson setting up his baseball, and I love the way he holds the bat to hit it:
Avery winds up as Nora delivers the pitch...
...and Carson receives a face full of bat
Carson taking a much needed break:

Well baby, how overdue are you going to be now?


Laura said...

We were wondering about you yesterday. I've got my answer now! Going to book club tonight, perhaps?

Wisconsin Willeys said...

Sorry no baby yet but it was fun to have you at the BBQ. Loved that last picture of Carson relaxing.
Should be an exciting week for you.