Saturday, September 13, 2008

That's Enough, Mom

Today was our first full day home from the hospital. My Mom arrived last night to help and this afternoon Avery was holding Emmett with Grandma Benjamin so I had to take some pictures...

I love this look, "what is this thing?"
"Hmm, what's in there?"
After just so much, Avery says to me, "That's enough Mom, it's too bright for Emmett!" emphasizing his point with his hand. Too cute.
But I told him I would stop only if he gave me a nice smile and look, that actually produced a great result with only one shot! If only he'd always cooperate like that...
I really love that shot, Avery can be such a sweet boy and I think this captures that.

Of course, I had to take another picture a few moments later when Avery decided Emmett needed a toy to play with! Sweet boy.


Aaron and Kristel said... sweet! What a cute big brother!

Mom said...

It's a good thing Avery is there to protect his brothers.

'Honestly, Emmett, sometimes that Mom of ours and her camera....But we are cute.'