Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Harley's Big Bash

This last weekend was Harley Davidson's 105th anniversary, and what a bash they threw. I can't imagine how many bikes there were in town, but it was definitely on the order of ridiculous. Lucky us, we live only a few blocks from the only Harley store in the Milwaukee city limits and the party there was a 24 hour affair including Kid Rock as the big DJ and Jesse James and plenty of "entertainment" of the adult variety. At night, laying in bed, we could actually hear the party which thoroughly impressed us! At least we don't live on/next to the thoroughfare so we didn't have the constant Harley rumble shaking our house.

On Saturday I was supposed to be walking (you know, induce the baby out) and I wanted a picture of the Harley madness, so we walked over. There's a bridge over train tracks next to all that action providing an overview of a lot of the parked Harleys. Avery always loves looking for trains there as we drive over so he was excited to take a walk to see the tracks up close.

These pictures definitely don't do the scene justice, but it was crazy. In the top pic, the party is just off to the left. There's never anything parked along the sides of this road and it was solid from the main street way in the distance, on back over the overpass. Also, it's hard to see, but in the top pic there's a sea of parked bikes to the left of the road. And all this is just the street next to it, not even on the street of the event!

All those bikes really messed with traffic, but a more serious concern I had about them... they were blocking my direct route to the hospital!!! Granted, that didn't turn out to be a problem, but still! Do I need any more anxiety!?

When it was time to walk home, Avery did NOT want to leave. He would have been happy to watch for a train all day!


Rosengren Family said...

Even here in Cedarburg there was a constant rumble. I just don't understand why they have to be so loud?

Aaron and Kristel said...

I'm so soo happy all the harley's are gone :) It was an amazing sight to see all the bikes though.