Friday, January 30, 2009

"Appy Bir'day To Ooo"

The Birthday Boy!
Last Saturday we went to the first birthday party of the adorable Dawson. On the way home I could hear Carson talking away to himself. He wasn't trying to get anyone's attention, and I couldn't really hear him, so I wasn't paying attention. When we got off the freeway I could finally hear him and he was repeating over and over:
"Appy bir'day to ooo"
And then again today, nearly a week later I heard him doing it again! So cute!

What great picture of Travis with Emmett and Carson!

The Big Kid table (Avery, Hailey, Sienna, Brandon)

Pictures by our friend Amy


Pam Emmons said...

Noah has no problem with pink cupcakes... He is a good big brother.

I will for sure share my senior picture, I just have to find it. It might take me a few days. Ten years later, plus a gazillion moves has misplaced it, but I will post it!

Mom said...

It's fun to see how much Hailey, Sienna, Brandon and Avery have grown over the course of 'dental school'.

Wisconsin Willeys said...

That is cute Carson! And I agree it is a super cute picture of your boys. And I'd have to also agree that Dawson is Adorable!

Melinda said...

Cute...I love birthdays!

I was blog-surfing and found your blog. Hope you don't mind my popping in every now and then; I'd love to keep in touch a little SOMEHOW!