Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hubby Tag


Where we met: Institute at Oregon State University

How long we dated before we got hitched: 9 months.

How long have we been married: almost 6 1/2 years!

What's my favorite feature about him: He's tall, dark and handsome - but with blue eyes!

What's my favorite quality about him: He's laid back enough to handle me.

What's his nickname for me: I guess sometimes he says hun or babe.

His favorite color: He's not that particular.

His favorite food: A good burger, Mexican, or my chicken enchiladas.

His favorite sport: He's not terribly into sports, although he rowed for OSU.

Who said the L word first: He did, I waited a little longer.

First kiss when and where: Um, first date. But he's so shy and he asked is such an adorable way and I couldn't refuse! :)

Favorite couple thing to do: When I asked him he just gave me a look. I don't think I'll answer that.

How many kids: 3 boys.

His hidden talent: I don't think his talents are all that hidden. I suppose he doesn't broadcast to the world how incredibly handy he is at everything.

His age: 28

His favorite music: Rock/Alternative

What I admire most about him: He's just so level headed and easy going and sure in his knowledge of who he is. Oh, and he's about to graduate from dental school, and having gone though most of his undergrad with him and with the trials of dental school, especially with a family fresh in mind, I have to admire all the work it's taken to get to this point.

His favorite pastimes: "Taking the sandrails to the dunes, working on/building anything in the shop, anything outdoors: snowboarding, hunting, fishing..."

Will he read his: Yes.

I tag...ooh, it's hard to choose, it's kinda a fun tag to do after all. In the interest of picking people I haven't picked before:
Laura M.
RaQuelle W.
Mandie P.


Mom Hunsaker said...

It makes my heart feel warm to know how much you love our son and how much you take care of him. Thank you so much. You are a joy to have in the family.
Love, Mom H

Mom said...

He's just right for you Laurie. I appreciate his calm and confidence. I know you are in good hands.

Wisconsin Willeys said...

So fun, I did my tag today :)